Inter Chemistry Solid State Most VVI Objective Question Answer 2024 ।।

1. Copper crystallises in fcc form and sodium in a bcc form. The coordination number of Cu and Na are respectively.

Inter Chemistry Solid State
Inter Chemistry Solid State

(A) 12 and 12                 (B) 12 and 8

(C) 8 and 12                  (D) 6 and 8

Ans – B

2. Silicon that has been doped with group 15 elements is called :

(A) p-type semiconductor

(B) n-type semiconductor                                                                                                     (C) electron vacancy or hole

(d) e-type semiconductor

Ans – B

3. In diamond, the coordination number of carbon is :

(A) For and it’s unit cell has eight carbon atom

(B) For an its unit cell has six carbon atoms

(C) Six and its unit cell has four carbon atom

(D) Four and its unit cell has four carbon atom

Ans – A

4. The co-ordinator number of a metal crystallizing in a hexagonal close packing structure is :

(A) 12.        (B) 4

(C) 8.          (D) 6

Ans – A

Inter chemistry solid state most VVI Objective

5. In which of the following crystals alternate tetrahedral voids are occupied ?

(A)NaCl            (B) ZnS

(C) CaF2           (D) Na2O

Ans – B

6. Schottky defect in Crystals is observed when :

(A) Equal number of cations and anions are missing From the lattice

(B) Equal number of cations and anions are missing from the lattice

(C) An ion leaves it’s normal site and occupies an interstitia site

(D) Density of the crystal is increased

Ans – B

7 . Frenkel and Schottky defects are :

(A) Nucleous defects    (B) Atomic defects

(C) Crystal defects        (D) Molecular defects

Ans – C

8. Glass is a :

(A) Micro-crystallines

(B) Supper-cooled liquid

(C) Gel

(D) Polymeric mixture

Ans – B

9. Increase in temperature of crystalline compound result in :

(A) Increase in co-ordination number

(B) Decrease in co-ordination number

(C) Decomposition of the compound

(D) None of these

Ans – B

Inter chemistry solid state most VVI Objective

10. A Match box exhibits :

(A) Cubic geometry

(B) Monoclinic geometry

(C) Tetragonal geometry

(D) Orthorhombic geometry

Ans – B

11. Which of the following statement is true in the rock-salt structure of an ionic compound ? 

(A) Coordination number of cation is for where as that of anions is six

(B) Coordination number of cation is six where as that of union is four

(C) Coordination number of each cation and anion is four

(D) Coordination number of each cation and anion is six

Ans – D

12. Molecular solids are usually : 

(A) Good electrical contractors

(B) Quite hard

(C) Quite brittle

(D) Volatile

Ans – D

13. The factor which makes a solid to have a low density is :

(A) Close packing

(B) High atomic mass

(C) High occupancy of tetrahedral

(D) large atomic radius

Ans – D

14. The unit cell present in the crystals lattice of diamond is :

(A) Cube.               (B) Tetragonal

(C) Hexagonal.     (D) Trigonal

Ans – A

15. how many kinds of space lattices are possible in a crystal

(A) 23          (B) 7

(C) 230      (D) 14

Ans- D

16. Co – ordination number of solid iron Na + in 

(A) Four        (B) Three

(C) Six.           (D) Five

Ans- C

17. Which of the following is non -crystalline solid ?

(A) Diamond.  (B) Graphite

(C) Glass.         (D) Common salt

Ans – C

18. Which of the following is characteristic not possessed by crystalline solid ?

(A) Isotropic     (B) Sharp melting point

(C) Definite geometrical shape

(D) Strong intermolecular force

Ans – A

19. Number of basic type of crystals are :

(A) 4.              (B) 7

(C) 14.             (D) 8

Ans – B

20. NaCl crystal structure is :

(A). Body – centred   (B) Face – centred

(C)  Tetragonal.          (D) Simple cube

Ans – B

21. Number of atoms in body -centred cube unit cell is :

(A) 4                 (B) 2

(C) 8.                (D) 9

Ans – B

22. In body – centred cubic crystal structure co-ordinational number of atom is :

(A) 4               (B) 2

(C) 8               (D) 12

Ans – C

23. What is the ratio of octahedral void ?

(A) 0.414        (B) 0.225

(C) 2.25          (D) 4.14

Ans – A many octahedral sites per sphere are there in a cubic close packed structure :

(A) Four                (B) Two

(C) One                (D) Six

Ans – C

25. The number of tetrahedral and octahedral holes in a CCP array of 100 atoms are respectively :

(A) 200 and 100                 (B) 100 and 200

(C) 200 and 100                 (D) 100 and 100

Ans – A

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